Supercharge your Magento site with the industry's fastest cloud hosting!

The Rapid Servers Cloud is a state-of-the-art public cloud service, offering true high-availability, redundant hosting with automatic failover and dynamic scaling.

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Our cloud servers are fully optimized for Magento and monitored around-the-clock by our experienced server engineers!

Feature Highlights

  • Add/remove resources on demand
  • Redundant Solid-State Drive (SSD) storage for best-in-class disk performance
  • Automatic Failover & Crash Recovery
  • Pay only for what you actually use
  • Backed by 24/7 expert support
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Fully Managed Magento Cloud Servers

Choose from one of the pre-configured servers below or build your own.

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    Small Instance

    Save more than $75 per month

    • 2 CPU Cores (Processor)
    • 2 GB RAM (Memory)
    • 5 GB SSD Storage
    • 5 TB Premium Bandwidth
    • cPanel Control Panel
    • Magento Optimized
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  • Popular!

    Medium Instance

    Save more than $50 per month

    • 4 CPU Cores (Processor)
    • 4 GB RAM (Memory)
    • 20 GB SSD Storage
    • 5 TB Premium Bandwidth
    • cPanel Control Panel
    • Magento Optimized
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  • Large Instance

    Save more than $60 per month

    • 8 CPU Cores (Processor)
    • 16 GB RAM (Memory)
    • 50 GB SSD Storage
    • 5 TB Premium Bandwidth
    • cPanel Control Panel
    • Magento Optimized
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A Cloud Platform Built for Magento

It is no wonder cloud computing has been embraced by the web industry. Built-in features such as high availability, dynamic scaling and crash recovery (automatic failover) are appealing to any online business owner. Unfortunately, users of cloud services often sacrifice some performance because of the extra overhead added by the virtualization platform. Commodity cloud hosting can simply not compete with a bare-metal server when it comes to raw performance. That is why our cloud platform has been designed for speed from the ground up to deliver the performance necessary to run Magento and other mission-critical applications.

Amazing IO Performance with Solid-State Drives

One of the major drawbacks of cloud hosting has always been that it offers significantly slower IO performance compared to a dedicated server. In the cloud, storage is usually distributed across multiple nodes in a SAN for redundancy, but at the expense of higher latency and slower performance. Our cloud utilizes a combination of local and SAN based storage to allow significantly faster speeds while still beeing protected against disk failures. Furthermore, we use only 100% SSD in a RAID-10 configuration, supporting read speeds of up to 12 Gb/s. Disk performance greatly affects the speed of Magento because of its fragmented file structure and large number of database queries.

Performance Benchmarks
Taken with UnixBench

The benchmarks were all run on similar configurations with ~2 MB RAM.

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Eliminate downtime

A true cloud solution should have no single point of failure and offer high availability (HA). The Rapid Servers Cloud combines dual power and network with automatic failover in case a hypervisor fails.

Supercharged performance

Our cloud uses only Solid State (SSD) storage, delivering unprecedented IO performance that positions us miles ahead of any competitor. In addition, each cloud server includes a 1 Gbps uplink for high speed network connectivity (10 times more than industry average).

Scales with your business

Don't let slow, unreliable hosting become an impediment to your success. Our robust cloud platform facilitates rapid growth and traffic spikes with advanced features such as dynamic scaling and load balancing.

Optimized server environment

Most cloud providers will just give you a standard software stack consisting of Apache, PHP and MySQL with default settings. This is simply not good enough for Magento. We will tweak and tune every aspect of your server for optimal performance.

Public Cloud Pricing and Details

Our public cloud offers straight-forward pricing that is easy to understand. You may choose to pay a monthly fixed price for your cloud server, or hourly, resource-based billing, where you only pay for the computing resources that your organization actually uses and nothing more. Our public cloud offers a unique multi-tenant environment where scaling resources is as easy as dragging a slider across the screen.

UnitHourly RateMonthly*
CPU (per core)$0.031/Hr$22.63/Mo
RAM (per 1 GB increment)$0.010/Hr$7.30/Mo
SSD Cloud Storage (per 5 GB increment)$0.007/Hr$5.11/Mo
IP addresses (per IP address)$0.002/Hr$1.46/Mo
Windows 2012 Standard Edition R2$0.030/Hr$21.90/Mo
Parallels Plesk Panel (Unlimited Domains)$0.030/Hr$21.90/Mo

* Monthly pricing is estimated based on 730 hours of service

  • Bandwidth: Each cloud server includes 5 TB of outbound bandwidth and unlimited inbound bandwidth. Additional bandwidth can be purchased if needed.

  • Billing frequency: We bill weekly for cloud resources used. You will be invoiced once per week at the hourly rate agreed for usage that previous week.

  • Hourly billing: Clients are required to keep a minimum deposit of $5 at all times to cover the hourly expenses for their server.

How do we compare?

Not only is our cloud faster than our competitors' - our prices are highly competitive as well. See how we stack up against some of our biggest competitors for a typical cloud configuration.

Rapid Servers2 Cores2 GB20 GB (SAN SSD)5000 GB (1 Gbps)$0.112/Hr
Singlehop2 Cores2 GB25 GB1000 GB$0.116/Hr
Softlayer2 Cores2 GB25 GB1000 GB*$0.216/Hr
Rackspace2 Cores2 GB40 GB1000 GB*$0.244/Hr
Amazon AWS EC22 Cores3.7 GB20 GB1000 GB*$0.267/Hr
Microsoft Azure2 Cores3.5 GBNot Included1000 GB*$0.284/Hr
PEER 12 Cores2 GB20 GB1000 GB*$0.298/Hr

* Bandwidth is billed separately

Price comparison compiled 07/12/2014